Flowing Never Forcing was founded March 23, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. The company opened its doors to the community as a wellness seminar. The goal for our first event was to teach the skill of meditation and assist our attendees with stress relieving mechanisms. After surpassing our initial goal of 25 attendees we seated and serviced a total of 40 guests. The success of this event birthed our business. We have successfully held many classes and workshops  of which many were sold out and have helped develop a sense of wellness and healing for hundreds of people in our community. Aside from meditation we implement yoga, dance, and other physical activities to help our students grow spiritually. We also have created books that include the material we cover in class for students to purchase and reflect on. In addition to classes and workshops, we have added many products such as detox water, smoothies, crystals, candles, sage and apparel to enhance our customers experience. We have  had the opportunity to partner with local companies such as Meridian Health, Wayne State University & Quicken Loans to offer our services to their students and employees as well. 


My path to light started at a very dark place in my life. I found myself struggling with depression and anxiety in my adolescent years. For most of my life I felt as though I was losing a fight with myself. Frequently self-harming and having a near death experience left me drained and confused. At the age of 20 I began to understand the importance of coping skills. I discovered a deep passion for healing others and became a true advocate for self-identity. In an effort to save my CELF, I began practicing yoga, writing, meditating and cooking. All of these activities helped me understand the importance of making my peace a priority. My passion to help others developed when I found my CELF.

My journey of spirituality & healing came from a place of confusion & uncomfortable growing pains. I've experienced the ugliness of depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and sexual abuse. I knew I couldn't live a life of light and freedom until I began to heal myself from the baggage that I was carrying. I needed to make a change mentally, physically, & spiritually. I was introduced to meditation in my mid 20s. I saw an instant change from within. I started to educate myself on a deeper level of understanding. Since then I've been able to awaken my divine wisdom & gifts and share them with people seeking understanding. I'm passionate about vibrating on a higher level of consciousness & feel it is my duty to show people that whatever they seek is seeking them.